We develop leaders
who succeed across the health care industry.

Since 1989 Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health Sciences has graduated an outstanding network of health care professionals in: CounselingEchocardiographyPhlebotomyMedical AssistingNuclear MedicineRadiographySonography



We advance healthcare and improve lives by inspiring our students to be active, successful leaders in their careers and communities.

Students are at the heart of our Mission. They represent the future of our profession and their work reflects our values and accomplishments. The degree status of our core programs demonstrates our commitment to providing students with the resources, connections, and support to launch successful careers throughout the health care industry.



Our vision is to be recognized as a leader in health sciences education.

Our vision reflects an underlying dedication to the professionalism and excellence we instill through our educational programs. We focus on being a national leader in health sciences training and education, and the success of our students demonstrates the preeminence of our academic and clinical training.