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Our Academics

Dear future students of KPSAHS,

Welcome to the school. Our faculty and staff are glad that you are taking that first step in researching the program and profession that is the best for you.
We are proud of our programs and especially proud of the accomplishments of our students. Our graduates work throughout the region, both for Kaiser Permanente and for others, so it is always rewarding to visit one of our clinical sites and see so many of our graduates being successful in their chosen professions. Perhaps you might be one of them someday.
On our website you will find a lot of information about our programs – both degree granting and certificate – as well as our faculty and curriculum. Take a minute to learn more, to read about the accomplishments and stories of our students, and to examine data like employment and exam passage rates. We are confident in our students and their ability to lead our region and beyond.

The next step is to visit our school. The best way to do that is to attend an Information Session. In those, you will learn about all of our programs, meet our staff and faculty, and start the process of determining which path is the best one for you. Just know that we are here to help you along that journey just as we actively help our students, graduates, and members of our larger communities. Reach out and talk with us as you are deciding.

Our programs are small because of our commitment to providing so much attention to each individual but also because so much of the curriculum is spent working in the field through the clinical rotations which start quickly after you start your program. Those experiences are invaluable in your education and require so much from us as an educational institution to manage and ensure the experience that meets the demands of our profession and our accrediting bodies, both professional and institutional. It may be a lot of work on our part but we wouldn’t have it any other way. It is rewarding when we will see you being successful in your career.

The factors that set us apart from other institutions lie in our commitment to academic excellence through accreditation (from WASC as well as the professional accreditation of each program), the unparalleled access and input from physicians and staff through Kaiser Permanente, that you earn a Bachelor’s degree, and the diversity of experiences gained through your access to Kaiser Permanente facilities and equipment in our clinical education as well as other opportunities.

So take a moment to learn more about KPSAHS and discover the way in which you can be a part of our family. As a student and graduate, then you can truly see why it matters to be a KPSAHS graduate in our competitive marketplace.